RO system installation in MAROON Petrochemical Company (MPC)

RO system installation in
Yas Hotel Petrochemical Company (MPC)

Instrumentation of buffer tanks in
FARABI Petrochemical Company

Side Stream filter for cooling tower was set up in
REJAL Petrochemical Company

Ceramic filter provision for
SHIMIBAFT Petrochemical company

Hansen ' Gear box for Cooling tower was deliver to
SHIMIBAFT Petrochemical company

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PSOXIN Ltd. is an experienced industrial supplier specially in water equipments & instruments. Our main specialist area of cooling towers and water treatment are reverse osmosis, water softners, water filters, their spare parts & services.

The company's executive management team possesses an unparalleled level of skill and experience in the water filtration and cooling tower's industry. The engineering, sales, marketing, customer service departments work together to accomplish any application with excellent efficiency.

please take some time to browse through out our website and feel free to contact us should you require any further assistance