RO system installation in MAROON Petrochemical Company (MPC)

RO system installation in
Yas Hotel Petrochemical Company (MPC)

Instrumentation of buffer tanks in
FARABI Petrochemical Company

Side Stream filter for cooling tower was set up in
REJAL Petrochemical Company

Ceramic filter provision for
SHIMIBAFT Petrochemical company

Hansen ' Gear box for Cooling tower was deliver to
SHIMIBAFT Petrochemical company

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Filtration or solid_liquid seperation equipments varies depend on solids size and their distribution. We can categorize these equipments into 6 groups.

macro filtration, micro filtration, ultra filtration,        nano filtration, reverse osmosision exchangers

Each of these filtration methods has its own characteristics and must be selected carefully. PSO Co. based on its experiences will help you  choose best way and equipment for your water filtration system.

Our success can be seen by the many industries represented in our client list, and the varied filtration solutions that have been applied world-wide across all business sectors including commercial, industrial, manufacturing and municipal water systems.